blue-cheese fig carrot scones.

Newest blog crush: Lady and Pups: an angry food blog. Just click. And then come back, seriously. Or just, leave it open on another tab. 

Anyways, I decided to make something of hers, figured it’d be good, yummy, and well, pretty. I’ve never made a scone in my life & I think they are delicious so that had to be my choice. The original recipe calls for blue cheese, carrots, and chives. uh. Well, no chives = me scavenging my pantry for something that would do, which turned out to be dried figs. I also was a bit scared about using so much blue cheese as it tends to be so strong (according to moi), thus I used Saint Agur blue cheese (which is a tad more softer and less saltier). And the last minor change was definitely something you DON’T want to do… I kinda like salt so um…I ‘overdosed’ in it? just don’t. Other than that they were superb! They turned perfect: texture, flavour (minus the uh, salty part), and super easy to make.



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Mango salad at Bahn Thai, Oakville, ON.


Amaretto & Pesca ice-cream at Green Bean, Oakville, ON.


Green Bean Café, Oakville, ON.


My sister.

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Mixed Greens at Fusaro’s, Toronto, ON.

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Breakfast at Monastery Bakery, Oakville, ON.


My mom drinking a $1 latte.


Whole wheat spaghetti at Olde Winery, Niagara, ON.


Vegetarian Stone Oven Pizza at Olde Winery, Niagara, ON.

This week’s restaurant outings (:. Lots of love, alex.

Los Bachiche Ristorante: Lima, Peru.

On Monday, me (Ayumi) and Kaori went to a new restaurant with our family : Los Bachiche. This italian-peruvian fusion dining place was created by the most renowned chef & ambassador of peruvian cuisine Gastón Acurio. And believe me when I say he’s quite famous. People love him in Peru. Not only is he the owner of many restaurants worldwide (in places like Chile, Argentina, The States, & Spain) and has helped promote peruvian cuisine internationally, but he has also improved the quality of restaurants inside our country and has helped many small but talented chefs develop their businesses as well as their abilities.
So back to Los Bachiche, it was definitely worth it. We thought it was going to be more expensive, but  the price were nothing alike anywhere in north america (around $25 per person, taxes and tips included!). If we take into consideration the restaurant’s ambiance, the service, and the food quality, this is honestly a bargain!. Food in Peru is so cheap.  As we always do, we ordered everything to share, which is awesome because you get to try everything. Even if I’m not a big pasta fan I really enjoyed the Tortellinis. The Beef Carpaccio and the Short Ribs Stufato were also delicious.
So if you have the opportunity to come to Lima and you like italian cuisine, please try this restaurant. I would recommend going at night since the area looks very nice at that time of the day. I also suggest that you share dishes since some flavors may be a bit strong and some dishes too big. Buon appetito!!
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they always find their way back.

/emʀy/ aime-roo, is taken from the french verb to love ‘aimer’ and the french word for street ‘rue’. We are a group of girls who grew up together and somehow found their way back to collaborate in this blog. We just want to share of the outings we’ve personally or collectively had. We are excited to have this as a way of sharing a sneak peak into each of our lives and we are also so psyched that we get to do and dream of something together – just like old times when we were little.  Please enjoy!


on our way to the beach – bear and bunny dolls from Japan


 Left: chair + paintings at the beach house. Right: bottle at Los Bachiche (top),   cushions at the beach house (bottom)


love finding cute cheap stuff by the beach!


from Kaori’s sketchbook – seashell study


Octopus appetizer at  Los Bachiche restaurant in Lima 


Left: pareo from Turkey. Right: balcony at the beach house