blue-cheese fig carrot scones.

Newest blog crush: Lady and Pups: an angry food blog. Just click. And then come back, seriously. Or just, leave it open on another tab. 

Anyways, I decided to make something of hers, figured it’d be good, yummy, and well, pretty. I’ve never made a scone in my life & I think they are delicious so that had to be my choice. The original recipe calls for blue cheese, carrots, and chives. uh. Well, no chives = me scavenging my pantry for something that would do, which turned out to be dried figs. I also was a bit scared about using so much blue cheese as it tends to be so strong (according to moi), thus I used Saint Agur blue cheese (which is a tad more softer and less saltier). And the last minor change was definitely something you DON’T want to do… I kinda like salt so um…I ‘overdosed’ in it? just don’t. Other than that they were superb! They turned perfect: texture, flavour (minus the uh, salty part), and super easy to make.



IMG_2405-5 IMG_2415-6



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