Los Bachiche Ristorante: Lima, Peru.

On Monday, me (Ayumi) and Kaori went to a new restaurant with our family : Los Bachiche. This italian-peruvian fusion dining place was created by the most renowned chef & ambassador of peruvian cuisine Gastón Acurio. And believe me when I say he’s quite famous. People love him in Peru. Not only is he the owner of many restaurants worldwide (in places like Chile, Argentina, The States, & Spain) and has helped promote peruvian cuisine internationally, but he has also improved the quality of restaurants inside our country and has helped many small but talented chefs develop their businesses as well as their abilities.
So back to Los Bachiche, it was definitely worth it. We thought it was going to be more expensive, but  the price were nothing alike anywhere in north america (around $25 per person, taxes and tips included!). If we take into consideration the restaurant’s ambiance, the service, and the food quality, this is honestly a bargain!. Food in Peru is so cheap.  As we always do, we ordered everything to share, which is awesome because you get to try everything. Even if I’m not a big pasta fan I really enjoyed the Tortellinis. The Beef Carpaccio and the Short Ribs Stufato were also delicious.
So if you have the opportunity to come to Lima and you like italian cuisine, please try this restaurant. I would recommend going at night since the area looks very nice at that time of the day. I also suggest that you share dishes since some flavors may be a bit strong and some dishes too big. Buon appetito!!
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