they always find their way back.

/emʀy/ aime-roo, is taken from the french verb to love ‘aimer’ and the french word for street ‘rue’. We are a group of girls who grew up together and somehow found their way back to collaborate in this blog. We just want to share of the outings we’ve personally or collectively had. We are excited to have this as a way of sharing a sneak peak into each of our lives and we are also so psyched that we get to do and dream of something together – just like old times when we were little.  Please enjoy!


on our way to the beach – bear and bunny dolls from Japan


 Left: chair + paintings at the beach house. Right: bottle at Los Bachiche (top),   cushions at the beach house (bottom)


love finding cute cheap stuff by the beach!


from Kaori’s sketchbook – seashell study


Octopus appetizer at  Los Bachiche restaurant in Lima 


Left: pareo from Turkey. Right: balcony at the beach house




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